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Weight Loss-Did You Know That Your Body Is Stuck in “Fat Mode” for 20 Hours a Day?

Learn How New Research Can Unlock Your Hidden Fat-Burning Potential.

In America, we’ve achieved something incredible:

Virtual freedom from the dangers of predators. Nature’s most vicious animals are no match for humans.

But one danger still haunts us. Something stuck with us that we can’t fight off.

In fact, it’s killing more Americans than any other cause of death.

Obesity-related illness.

Here’s a glimpse of what Americans are suffering from:

  • Heart attacks and strokes that immediately end the lives of people we love.

  • Back and joint pain that keeps you stuck on the couch and ruins your mood from the moment you get out of bed.

  • Plus diabetes, liver failure, sore muscles, arthritis, and other ailments that cost thousands of dollars in prescription medication every year.

Even our children are suffering the consequences.




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Health & Beauty – A Post-Workout Lunch — binging on beetroot

Once I’ve taken off my trainers, stretched and recovered (slightly) from a painful workout, I need me some carbs… and I need them quickly. I’ve recently been throwing together this quick dish when a workout has left me ravenous. It’s very much inspired by my favourite Joe Wick’s recipe and a veggie dish my mum […]

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Health&Beauty-Weight Loss & Juices!

This day, sharp is your sight! 😉 Welcome back readers and friends from the US, Italy, Brazil, Tunisia, Algeria, Germany, the UK, Iceland, and Russia 😉 Losing weight came again as a question to us by Lewis yesterday, saying that: “Is drinking Juice would help in my weight loss, I’m over 200 pounds and I’m not 17 […]

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Health & Beauty-Skipping Breakfast: The First Step to Obesity? — DIGITEXMedical

We’ve all heard that it’s important to eat a good breakfast in the morning, but do you know why? Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that babies are hungry when they wake up. This happens because nature has wired us to eat relatively soon after waking. Perhaps the most important reason is that […]

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Health&Beauty-3 Benefits Of Morning Workouts — Growing Forward

Successful people wake up earlier. That doesn’t mean if you’re not a morning person you should become one. But I will say from personal experience the benefits may convert you. 1. Better Energy – Even if you’ve had a poor sleep or want to stay in bed longer, focus on the feeling after completing a […]

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Health & Beauty: Healthy Blood Pressure

It used to be health concerns were only for those over a certain age, but not anymore – health issues are hot topics for anyone at any age. I found out recently a person who is in her 30’s has to worry about high blood pressure and just the other day, a co-worker was rushed […]

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