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Science based #Diet guaranteed 100% to melt 1 POUND of #bellyfat every 72 hours!

Science based #Diet guaranteed 100% to melt 1 POUND of #bellyfat every 72 hours! Click on the image to find out more!


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Health&Beauty-Healthy Breakfast Bowls for All-Day Energy — the plant-based palate

For many of us, it has been ingrained in our heads since childhood that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What you eat first thing nourishes you and sustains you both mentally and physically throughout the day. As such, dietitians and other health experts generally advise eating a substantial well-balanced meal that […]

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Weight Loss-Did You Know That Your Body Is Stuck in “Fat Mode” for 20 Hours a Day?

Learn How New Research Can Unlock Your Hidden Fat-Burning Potential.

In America, we’ve achieved something incredible:

Virtual freedom from the dangers of predators. Nature’s most vicious animals are no match for humans.

But one danger still haunts us. Something stuck with us that we can’t fight off.

In fact, it’s killing more Americans than any other cause of death.

Obesity-related illness.

Here’s a glimpse of what Americans are suffering from:

  • Heart attacks and strokes that immediately end the lives of people we love.

  • Back and joint pain that keeps you stuck on the couch and ruins your mood from the moment you get out of bed.

  • Plus diabetes, liver failure, sore muscles, arthritis, and other ailments that cost thousands of dollars in prescription medication every year.

Even our children are suffering the consequences.




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Vegetarian tart with zucchini and leeks — Cooking Without Limits

Tell me if it happens to you? You go shopping and in the middle of the store, looking at some vegetables, you think about a recipe for them. This is what started to happens to me a few months back. Maybe because I am not cooking very often or something different or maybe there is […]

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Health & Beauty The Healthy Mediterranean Diet — Sheila Scorziello

Hubby and I have pretty much always followed the Mediterranean diet since we’ve been in Italy. But lately we’re really stepping it up. The older we get, the easier it is to put on weight. And that’s one thing we don’t need. Plus our cholesterol levels have crept up lately, which is bad for our […]

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Health & Beauty – Mediterranean Food — Grace’s Cooking

For the record, I am not an expert cook in this area. However, I am an expert eater. I find more joy arises from sharing what makes us happy. Thus, I will be sharing what I do know from eating a lot of Mediterranean food. When I think of Mediterranean food, I think of roasted […]

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